What precisely is a Community Egshred Event?


Consumer fraud and identity theft endanger communities. Egshred organizes free and fee-based Community Egshred events, offering paper shredding for residents, to create awareness and encourage privacy protection.

Egshred collaborates with organizations around Egypt to organize local events where people can shred their personal documents. Some of our shredding activities also collaborate with local charities to collect money for a good cause.

Shredding Events with a Fee

Some Community Egshred events are being organised to raise revenue for a charity, which will result in various benefits. Residents who bring documents for secure shredding may be asked to make a nominal gift to the organisation.

Drop-off Locations

Our quick document shredding drop off service is right around the corner. Find a Drop-Off Shredding Service in Your Area.

Services for a Single Pickup

Our one-time shredding service can help you clear out the clutter while also protecting your data. Find out more.

Free Shredding Days

A Community Egshred event is frequently 'free' for people who bring a box or two of secret papers to be properly destroyed.